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to the phenomenon that is globally revolutionizing the bicycle industry


The MBI Bi-Directional Gear gives new meaning to the sport of bicycling. With traditional bicycle gears, when you pedal forward, you move forward,  when you pedal backwards, you coast.

NOT SO with the MBI Bi-Directional Gear.

Pedal Forward ... Go Forward
Pedal Backward ... Go Forward
It's That Simple!!

That's right! The MBI Bi-Directional Gear allows the rider to discover the thrill of forward bicycle movement while pedaling backwards.

Whether you are a novice cycler or a die-hard purist, imagine the possibilities. The advantages of utilizing backward motion to propel forward on the long rides, grueling trails and cross-country terrain, or up-hill climbs you thought were not possible.

To learn more about this revolutionary system and how it can change your bicycling experience, as well as the health benefits,  click on the links!

"Pedal into the Future"
with the
MBI Bi-Directional Gear