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Auburn Clinic
January 24, 2000

Mr. Dan Bouzide
MBI Gear America
403 E. Elmwood Troy, MI 48083

Dear Dan:
I am writing you regarding your ingenious product; The Bi-Directional Pedaling System. After installing the unit on my bicycle and taking to the road, it was obvious to me after only 20 minutes that this new training apparatus was going to be a great addition to my aerobic workouts.

As a physician, my understanding of anaerobic lactic acidosis could easily explain the "burn" that most people experience when faced with an unexpected hill while riding aggressively early in a workout.  Normally, this would require gearing down so far that it would remove too much of the load and increase the pedaling revolutions to the point of risking muscle cramps or pulled tendons or ligaments. By reversing my pedal stroke, I was immediately able to recruit completely different muscle groups and overcome this obstacle with the added enhancement of knowing I was now using muscles that previously would not have benefited as much from this exercise.

As I continue to use this new pedaling system, I have become aware of additional benefits including better uniformed muscle development, quicker recovery times, and simply the added dimension of less mental tedium during my workouts.

I commend you on this remarkable product and assure you that I have begun recommending it to my patients who are serious in their desire to maintain physical fitness and good aerobic conditioning.

Richard A. Ozog D.O.

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