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Health Benefits Of 

After undergoing extensive medical studies, the MBI Bi-Directional Gear comes out a winner!

Reverse pedaling allows the rider to utilize different leg muscles over conventional forward pedaling. When cycling with the MBI Bi-Directional Gear, the bi-directional pedaling allows the rider to develop a larger variety of leg muscles, thus reducing tension and muscle fatigue, while at the same time lessening the stress on knees and lower back.

Anyone who has ever suffered from knee injuries knows how painful it can be to "get back on the bike". By pedaling backwards, not only are you greatly reducing stress on the knee and surrounding areas, you can rehabilitate and strengthen without adding further injury or pain.

The MBI Bi-Directional Gear has much to offer those suffering from:

  • leg and knee injuries or problems
  • lower back problems
  • heart and cardiovascular problems
Allows bicyclists to pedal both forward and backward, while continually moving forward, without compromising pedaling rhythm and speed
The gears smoothly transition from forward to backward pedaling without hesitation
Exercises all leg muscles. Backward pedaling works the hamstrings, which complements the quadricep development of forward pedaling and results in better overall leg conditioning
Reduces muscle fatigue caused by lactic acid build up. Backward pedaling allows muscles used in forward motion to periodically rest during extended rides
Enhances bicycling's cardiovascular advantages. Provides a break from forward pedaling motion without completely stopping to prevent a drop in heart rate during rest
Minimizes tension in knees, legs, and lower back due to repetitive forward pedaling
Allows you to pedal your way to a healthier you year round, by the simple installation of an MBI BI-Directional Gear on your stationary bike