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Ergonomically Advanced

It's Different For A Reason!

The modern bicycle really hasn't changed much since the Englishman John Starley introduced the "safety bicycle" over one hundred years ago. While it is true that advances in materials and manufacturing processes have brought durability, efficiency, and economy undreamt of in Mr. Starley's day, the design has essentially gone unchanged.

Although bicycles today are easier to ride than ever before, they remain as comfortable as a one hundred year old "boneshaker".

Fresh thinking
Comfort Ride design considerations

After studying various cycling related ailments involving the lower back, neck, hands, and wrists, we determined that by setting the rider's position back it would transfer the weight from the hands to the seat and feet. This avoids the hand and wrist discomfort commonly experienced among cyclists. Additionally, a benefit to this approach is an ergonomically advanced relationship between the seat, hands, and feet. After extensive testing, Comfort Ride has developed what we believe to be the world's most comfortable bicycle.

The "laid back" seat angle we developed places the hands higher, back straighter, and the feet set forward to create a safer, more comfortable position. Also the "laid back" seat angle allows the rider to place both feet on the ground when stopped, while maintaining optimum pedaling position.

(This is important to the health of your knees!)

This position makes it virtually impossible to be pitched over the handlebars due to the fact that very little of your weight is bearing on the handlebars. Finally, our bicycle's unique seat positioning allows for "heads-up" viewing, enabling you to have a greater field of vision. This increases your safety as well as your visual pleasure. Wouldn't you rather see something other than the road rushing past your wheels?

What about those wheels ?

Our Comfort Ride plan calls for smaller wheels because we designed the bicycle around the rider without being restricted by a one hundred year old standard. Smaller wheels are stronger than larger wheels due to the reduced spoke length. Their lower moment of inertia allows the bicycle to accelerate quicker and stop in a shorter, safer distance.

The front wheel is even smaller than the rear wheel to allow very low stand-over clearance. This makes it easier for you to mount and dismount the bicycle.

What more could we ask?

We are so convinced of the benefits of our design that we are sure after a few minutes aboard a Comfort Ride bicycle you will come to appreciate its unique features.