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MBI Bi-Directional Gear Installation
1. Remove the existing cartridge from the bottom bracket of bicycle.
2. Wipe out the bottom bracket to remove any debris.
3. Insert the SOCKET NUT (1) into the bottom bracket from left side of the bicycle and screw the SOCKET NUT (1) thoroughly to the right.
4. Insert the gear into the bottom bracket shell from the right side of the bicycle and screw it to the left until the threads protrude at least 5 mm (0.2 in.) past the bottom bracket of the bicycle.
5. Using the enclosed exclusive tool, tighten the threads clockwise to a Tightening Torque of 100N-m.
6. Install Left and Right CRANKS (2) in the axle of the gear using BOLT (3) - Use the L-Wrench for AXLE BOLT.
7. Insert the SPRING WASHER (4) onto PEDALS (5) and attach PEDALS (5) to CRANKS (2).
8. Hang bicycle chain on the chain-ring of the gear.
9. Test the gear for both forward and backward movement.
10. Suitably adjust the derailleur as per the manufacturer's