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The RO-GO™ Bi-Directional Wheelchair Propulsion System Is Changing The Symbol


The RO-GO™ Bi-Directional Wheelchair Propulsion System holds the promise of a brighter future for millions of disabled people throughout the world. It can mean freedom, independence, and self-reliance for those people who currently find mobility to be a challenge. This challenge has now been met by the RO-GO™ Bi-Directional Propulsion System, a remarkable innovation in wheelchair technology.

For decades, those with disabilities had few choices when it came to assistive mobility devices, and in essence the standard wheelchairs have remained unchanged for 100 years. Our engineers and industrial designers, with the help of wheelchair users of all descriptions, and occupational and physical therapists have developed a unique tool that offers the best of all possible scenarios. The RO-GO™ Bi-Directional Wheelchair Propulsion System equipped wheelchair is portable, light, easy to use, and inexpensive like a standard wheelchair, while offering the benefits of increased distance with less effort that once were only achievable through an electrically powered wheelchair.

To learn more about the RO-GO™ Bi-Directional Wheelchair Propulsion System, click on the links in the left hand column. We thank you for your interest in the RO-GO™ Bi-Directional Propulsion System.

Eva Bouzide , CEO

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