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The RO-GO™ Bi-Directional Wheelchair Propulsion System is not a new idea! There have been several concepts and patented wheelchair systems with bi-directional propulsion dating back as far as 1883. Repeatedly, however, the use of gears, transmissions, sprockets, and chains on a wheelchair were much too heavy and cumbersome for practical use.

The wheelchair's simplicity of design remains virtually unchanged for more than 100 years. This is not a new wheelchair idea. Modern technology has afforded us the opportunity of redesigning and streamlining the bi-directional propulsion system.

We believe this new technology of making an old idea of bi-directional propulsion work, will bring untold benefits to wheelchair users as well as other fields of rehabilitation, physiotherapy, sports training and exercise equipment, and assistive devices.

In today's standard wheelchair, the user pushes the hand-wheel rims in a forward motion to achieve propulsion, then lifts and returns their hands backward in order to repeat this motion. This system achieves forward propulsion only when the user pushes forward - using only 50% of his/her motion.

With a RO-GO™ Bi-Directional Wheelchair Propulsion System equipped wheelchair, the user would pull the lever backwards for forward propulsion and push the lever forward to continue its forward propulsion. This way the user is using 100% of his/her motion. The RO-GO™ (as in "ROwing and GOing") Bi-Directional Wheelchair Propulsion System is an innovative and exciting invention bringing great new dimensions to wheelchair users around the world.

The research and advisory team at Windsor Wheel Works Inc. was comprised of manual wheelchair users, power wheelchair users, scooter users, wheelchair technicians, wheelchair sales persons, conceptual design engineers, and industrial designers. The enormous contributions of these dedicated people, together with guidance from occupational therapists, physiotherapists, physicians, hospitals, and universities from both Canada and the United States, allowed for the fulfillment of our dream.


Anyone currently using a wheelchair;
Anyone who prefers overall general health;
Anyone who prefers to travel further using less energy;
Anyone with upper body mobility, currently using a powered wheelchair, but wants the health benefits of the RO-GO™ Bi-Directional Wheelchair Propulsion System equipped wheelchair;
Hospitals, rehab centers, seniors, clinics, airports, malls, stadiums, arenas, etc.