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From: John Totman
Date: Tuesday, August 31st, 1999 11:05 PM
Subject: Getting used to the MBI Gear

Hi Dan,
I succeeded in getting the MBI Gear installed on my recumbent. At first the backward pedaling seemed very mushy or rubbery, and either I have gotten used to it or something has worked itself out in the gears? I was curious as to how much loss there is when one does pedal backward, and would assume that it is a direct drive, and there is no loss when pedaling forward?

I have also noted that there is a learning curve for higher cadence pedaling. At first the backward motion seemed totally relaxing but very weak, and could only be done in the lower rpm range. This meant shifting to a more difficult gear and limiting one's high end speed. Now I feel stronger, can pedal at a slightly higher rpm and it's not as relaxing but when you start pedaling forward this feels more relaxing, and it feels like you have so much more strength. Any studies on the amount of energy that can be generated in each direction?

john totman

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