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From: Margaret Zabohonski
Date: Tuesday, September 07, 1999 9:28 PM
Subject: testimonial

My name is Margaret Zabohonski. I have been riding a bicycle a few times a week for four months now as opposed to running due to aggravation to my chronic knee problems. I have chondromalacia and tendinitis in both of my knees and have had ACL surgery on my left knee three years ago. I found that riding a bike puts less strain on my knees, but after a while is still painful. After using this new gear that allows one to pedal backward while still moving forward, I am able to pedal longer with less pain. I found that when I begin to experience pain while pedaling forward, I am able to instantly pedal backward and relieve the pain without having to stop and rest. This is great because I am able to keep my heart rate up as well as my momentum as opposed to stopping and having to work my way up again. I also found that pedaling backward up hills is easier and puts less strain on both leg muscles and the knee joint. I especially appreciate how all leg muscles are worked with the option of pedaling in both directions, as opposed to primarily the quadriceps on a conventional gear setup.

I would recommend this gear to anybody who rides a bike, recreationally or otherwise, as an excellent way to make riding easier and to work their legs more fully. I would especially recommend this gear to those with both chronic and acute knee problems as a way to decrease knee pain while biking.
Margaret R. Zabohonski

Others have also tried this gear and had many of the same thoughts as I do. They also added the following:
-the wide crank setup is excellent
-it was easy to switch the old crank on my bike to this one
-it doesn't take long to get used to pedaling backward
-once you get used to pedaling backward it makes riding easier and you don't get tired as fast as you would just pedaling forward.
-you are not as sore the next day (when you normally would be) when you have the option of working other muscles as gives other muscles a chance to do some work

Joe Waluk
Frank Waluk
Tracie Waluk
Margaret Zabohonski

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